Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Bases for my Inquisition!


This past weekend I attended Maul in the Mall here in Cleveland with my Grey Knights, and I preformed very well; Best General went to me and my Inquisition. However, my paint score suffered greatly due to my lack of proper bases and a display board and that cost me best overall by three points. Here is a picture of before.

As you can see I didn't have much on them. So, I sought to rectify this ASAP. I have a nice alien invasion theme on my purifiers and dreadnoughts, so I decided to switch all my purifier bases to my henchmen and order a terminator and flyer-base sized base from Here they are completed:

My entire army hast his motif now and everything is based in this theme. They look awesome. The only thing left is a proper display board being assembled by Tony here on the blog!

I'll be posting about my new Space Wolf face-lift shortly, but this was the most pressing issue I've recently completed.

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