Thursday, March 29, 2012


Adepticon is coming up next month, and since I'm going....I guess I should paint! Originally I had planned on taking my DE, but real life has hit my painter realllllllly hard in the past few weeks and they will not be completed.

So enter the Inquisition! This will be an ambitious project, as I have roughly 26 days to paint, base, and build a display board for this:
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with rad+pychotroke grenades, psyker: hammerhand, 3 skulls
3 x 1 Techmarines with orbital bombardment (2 skulls split between 2)
5 death cult assassins + 5 crusaders
5x3 acolytes w/ las/plas razorbacks
3 stormravens, tl multimelta, tl plasma cannon, searchlight

This is a rather unconventional GK list, but it is very fluffy and I feel like it covers my bases as far as tournaments go. It has a lot of high str shooting (multi meltas, lascannons, plasma guns, orbital lance), a lot of anti infantry (mindstrikes, orbital barrage, plasma cannons), and 6 troops. Plus it can have mobile scoring running in ravens or static gunline tactics.

Also, psychobroke grenades + 5 death cult assassins + rad grenades + hammerhand = Damn!

So follow this blog to check my progress, I will be updating as often as I can between now and Adepticon.

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  1. "This is a rather unconventional GK list, but it is very fluffy..."

    Can't tell if serious, or trolling.