Monday, March 12, 2012

Intro to the wolf

Hello All,

Just wanted to take a moment and welcome everyone that follows this blog, or even just visits here from time to time. I would also like to say thank you for visiting. This is going to be a blog that tracks my progress with my new Warhammer 40k army - Space Wolves. The army is themed to follow Bran Redmaws's Great Company. I decided to forgo the classic Space Wolf icy/cold basing, and opted to go for the summer months of Fenris....molten lava. I currently have my 2000 points all put together and only needs painting. I will update this blog as I finish each squad. When finished I will have 5 Grey Hunter (GH) squads, 3 Long Fang (LF) squads, and 1 Wolf Guard (WG) squad. There will be tanks/transports for each squad as well except for the WG's. I have 2 Rune Priests that will fall into the 2k points too! For additional support I have mustered up 5 Fenerisan Wolves, Arjack Rockfist, 6 Games Workshop (GW) Thunder Wolf Calvary (TWC), Nyjal Stormcaller, 2 Wolf Lords, and Canis Wolfborn. The TWC's will probably be based the classic Icy theme.

Here is a link to my blog  You will find a more in-depth review of my SW army building process. 

Some of my goals –

*this army WILL be finished before ATC gaming tournament.

*I also wish to go to Games Day 2012. This army is being painted to the best of my abilities in order to submit some of my models into the Golden Demon competition in Chicago. I can dream right!

*I would like to submit a portion of these models for the Armies on Parade (AoP) there will be a display board x2 involved in this blog as well. 1 will be the normal armies’ board, and the other will be specifically for AoP (unless I can incorporate ice and fire into a single board).

This is just a simple introduction post to the blog to let everyone know what is coming soon. I will be posting pictures, tutorials, and updates as I progress through the stages of painting. Expect another post within a couple of days once I get my photos sorted out.

Once I get this blog up and running be looking for my Superman Themed Grey Knights (GK) army blog.

Again, thank you for visiting; I hope you all decide to follow me!